The Sensual Race: An Alchemical Summoning

by Christos Galanis and Shay Au Lait

Sacred Mask Work: 2nd Chakra, Angels & Pleasure

by Akil Apollo Davis

Edgy Partner Dance

by Helen Styring Tocci


by Paul Vidich and Andrew Kalleen

Personas (of Power & Pleasure)

Performance Night/ Exploratorium

by Kelindah bee Schuster

The Walk of Shame

by Amy Weitzman

Loving the “Saboteur”

by Vortexx

Fully Receiving ~ Fully serving

by Marie-Christine Trudel-Langevin (Marie Cachou)

Liquid Love

by Alan Shurafa

Alchemical Fire Ritual

by Chaya Aronson & Taina Lyons

Come be a Lion - the body wisdom of mammal play

by Brad Johnston