Earthdance -Plainfield, MA
2022 Touch&Play
2022 Touch&Play
September 23-28, 2022
Gathering together as a tapestry of complicated beings infused with all the world has woven into our individual and collective selves, we invite you to join us and explore how to build a stronger, more resilient container to hold the transformations needed within ourselves, our leaders, our community and society. How can we show up with all our complexities and confusion, our pain and joy, our desires and fears and stir these together within the crucible of our group container to allow for radical transmutations into new possibilities?
Welcome to the Touch&Play Movement!
Transmutation is the process of shifting from one substance or species to another…a radical transformation into new potential and possibility. Biologically, it is when a species makes an evolutionary leap into another; chemically a conversion from one element into another.
How can we weave a space that can hold all the richness and messiness of our collective humanity? How can we create enough spaciousness for all the individual challenges and traumas we cradle within the caves of our being and thousands of years of disconnection echoing in our bones and blood? How can we together embrace the metamorphosis of this time, find our way toward deeper connection, resiliency and authenticity and transmute what holds us back from our greater potential individually and collectively?
We welcome you into a dance of transubstantiation…. We invite you to flirt with transmogrification…. Strip down some layers of socialization and slide your primal soul into the waters of metamorphic transfiguration… Awaken the silent murmurings of possibility and whisper (or shout) them into being… held within the tender sacredness of our collective dreams unfolding.

with love

Hazel Turrone * Parneet Chohan Daniel(DeeJay)Hayes